Super easy salad dressing


  • In a mixing bowl
    • Add 12 cup olive oil
    • Add 14 cup vinegar
    • Add salt, pepper, and cayenne to taste
    • Add a tsp or 2 of mustard to help emulsify and give flavor
    • Add any other flavors you want
  • Whisk to combine
  • Taste and adjust seasoning
  • Transfer into a squeeze bottle using a funnel
  • Put the cap on and shake vigorously until the mixture seems emulsified


Lots of recipes start with you whisking the oil in slowly, but that seems mostly like a waste of time. Shaking will keep it together for more than long enough.

Good ideas for vinegars are sherry, red wine, champagne, or balsamic vinegar. Other flavors often added are: shallot, garlic, avocado, tarragon (or other herbs), and lemon juice.

For scaling, I like around a 2:1 ratio of oil to vinegar, but it depends on how strong the vinegar you’re using is. I’ve seen recommendations anywhere from 3:2 to 4:1.

This lasts at least a week in the fridge. Just let it come back to room temperature and shake again before you use it.

If you don’t have a squeeze bottle, you can use a mason jar.