• 1 big bunch basil
  • 2 handfuls pine nuts
  • 5 cloves garlic
  • 2 oz parmesan cheese
  • olive oil



  • Peel the garlic
  • Stem the basil
  • Grate the cheese


  • Get a big mortar & pestle
  • Add the garlic with a big pinch of salt and grind until a paste
  • Add pine nuts and you guessed it
  • Add basil leaves in big handfuls
  • Add oil until it’s a pesto consistency
  • Add the parmesan cheese
  • Adjust consistency with oil
  • Taste and adjust salt/cheese/nuts


Adding a small bit of oil when grinding the leaves helps keep them in the mortar.

I like to add some more pine nuts towards the end so they don’t become a complete paste and you can see the nuts in it.