Cold Brew Method

  • Starting with 12 oz (1 bag) of whole coffee beans
  • Grind fairly coarsely (~30 on my grinder, a Baratza Encore)
  • Transfer grounds to a nut milk bag with the seams on the outside
  • Place the coffee-filled bag into a large mixing bowl
  • Add 120 oz (14 12 cups) water
  • Cover and let sit overnight (~16 hours seems good)
  • Remove grounds from the coffee, squeeze out the bag (not too hard), and compost the grounds
  • Filter the coffee through a drip filter or aeropress
    • This step can take a while but it’s worth it!
  • Store in the fridge
  • Serve slightly diluted (up to 1:1)


The best ratio of coffee:water to use for maximizing yield seems to be about 1:10.

Use filtered water for best results.

Aeropress Method (1 cup)

  • Boil 12 liter water
  • Line the Aeropress bottom and place on a mug
  • Weigh out 18g of beans and grind (at 12 on my grinder)
  • Put grounds in Aeropress bottom
  • Fill with water to the ③ mark
  • Stir
  • Place plunger in to create a vacuum to stop the water from falling
  • Wait 30–90 seconds
  • Plunge
  • Compost spent grounds and rinse Aeropress parts
  • Dilute as much as you want


You want the water to be just off boil when added to the grounds, the beans to have been ground as close to use as possible and to have been roasted fairly recently.

Some people like to do an inverted Aeropress method, but I don’t taste a difference, and this method is easier.