The best way

Oven Method


  • Thaw bacon
  • Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil
  • Line a plate with paper towel


  • Lay out 8 pieces of bacon on the sheet
  • Put the sheet in a cold oven and set to 400°F
  • Cook until done, around 25 mins
  • Transfer bacon to the landing plate


I buy thick-sliced bacon from the deli counter in multiples of 8, wrap each bunch in plastic, and freeze those in a plastic bag for easy use. To thaw, I use the microwave on a defrost setting for a minute or two just to be able to separate the pieces. Don’t let it go too long because the microwave won’t heat evenly.

I like to use an 11″ wide cookie sheet instead of a standard sheet tray because that lets you cover it completely on the bottom and up the sides with a standard size of aluminum foil, making cleanup extremely easy.

One way to know you’re close/done cooking is when the bacon gets foamy on top. Using the fat from this method to make eggs to go with it is amazing.